"I've been listening to this CD nonstop... it is absolutely fantastic. I'd say it's the best CD of original new music I've heard in 10 years, maybe 20. Whatever "it" is, these guys have it. A huge high five and standing ovation!" -Brian McLaren

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Having grown up in a musical family and played everywhere from church gigs to late night bars, brothers Daniel and Luke Roberts of They’ll Have Dreams have seen a lot. Their debut rock album pulls inspiration from the likes of Coldplay, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, and U2. They combine intense musicianship with a deep commitment to honesty, truth and beauty.

By looking for heaven, they work to create it on earth. They play to find and remember what is good, to see what is beautiful, to love fully, and to let others know that they are not alone.

They’ll Have Dreams creates a massive full band sound with just two people by utilizing the latest music technology instead of pre-recorded tracks or loops. This 5 piece duo will rock your body, question your thoughts, and move your soul with their deep lyrics and solid groove.

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  • They’ll Have Dreams Number of tracks : 7

    Album Name: They’ll Have Dreams

    Composer: They'll Have Dreams

    Release Date: 2015/01/16

    Genre: Rock


    High five and standing ovation! - Brian McLaren


    1. No One Comes Home 6:19

    2. Doubt 6:14

    3. Lonely World 5:05

    4. Babylon 18:26

    5. Walk to Freedom 5:18

    6. Tower 7:41

    7. Epilogue 2:32


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